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Our Mission & Vision Is To Make Our Inmates Self-Confident to Face the Challenges Of Life

Criteria for Admission

  1. Orphan, with no financial and relatives support
  2. Semi orphan, either mother or father alive and who have Merit
  3. Poor, no financial support from family members, High Merit, dedication and determination
  4. If there is any gap in the education, revival of education will be provided
  5. No caste, Creed, Community, Religion or Region Difference

How Do We Admit Students

A systematic, scientific and pragmatic way is designed to invite all the poor students, staying all over Telangana & Andhra Pradesh by giving Press release and by putting the press release in all the colleges. The stupendous job of scrutinising the applications are made by a SCREENING COMMITTEE, unanimously appointed by our Managing Committee every year well before the new academic year starts. Mostly these Screening Committee members are academicians with doctorates, Philanthropists, Wellwishers, donors etc..,. This apart, few others who are totally committed to the cause of helping the needy are also associated with Screening Committee.

After the selections made by the esteemed and honourable Screening Committee Members, the selected students are short listed and the process of admission begins.

We take pride in submitting to you that, unlike, in the past few years, where a few or a couple of students were given accommodation with all the active support of well wishers, like you, since last ten years, the Board of Management is able to accommodate around 100 students as of today.

AVG Stands Behind All The Students To Face The Challenges Thrown To Them By Life and To Better Their Career

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SCHOOLS: Brilliant Grammar High School, Sri Aditya IIT Concept School, Lotus Lap Public School, Takshashila High School, New Takshashila High School, Vijay Karan Concept School, VGS Grammar School.