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Please Do Experience The Wonderful Feeling That Your Help Changes and Transforms Into A New Life To Students Who Are Poor And Orphans, Who Live Without Any Means To Pursue Their Higher Studies.


AVG (Anaadha Vidyarthi Griha) is striving to rehabilitate the orphans and poor students to give a helping hand to study so long they want and to become the responsible citizens of our society.


Anaadha Vidyarthi Griha, located on the outskirts of the city in putting up a valiant fight to regain its lost glory. The orphanage was established in 1919 by Ambadas Mukhedkar, an advocate. This institution was registered under the Societies Act in 1952 with the Nizam's Government and later Accorded Recognition as Charitable institution by the State Government. housed at Sunder Bhavan in Jambagh area in the heart of the city, it functioned successfully till Ambadas died in 1974.

His death came as a big blow to the inmates and they were left orphaned for second time. Driven to the wall, they sought the intervention of the court and the struggle for survival lasted nearly Seven Years. Finally, in 1982, they lost the legal battle and the building worth about Rs.5 crores was demolished.